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Caring for Your Leather Fashion Jewelry

Leather fashion jewelry is incredibly popular at the moment. It is a common choice in bracelets, necklaces and other types of fashion jewelry. One of the reasons why it is so popular is that it can create a versatile look. Depending on whether your leather jewelry features studs, rhinestones or beads, you can end up with a range of styles from edgy rock chick to bohemian beauty. Whichever style suits you best, one thing that is important is keeping your leather jewelry in tip-top condition!

That’s why we have put together a few helpful hints to help you care for your leather fashion jewelry.

Embrace the Leather’s Aging Process

One of the unique things about leather fashion jewelry is that it ages. In fact, some might say that like a fine wine, leather gets better with age. Over time, leather will begin to patina. In simple terms, it will start to crack, crease, discolor and show signs of wear. In any other material these would be undesirable features, but in leather, it is a mark of quality, so learn to embrace it! As the patina of your leather fashion jewelry develops over time, you will end up with a unique and distinctive piece.

 Store Your Jewelry Appropriately

Another top tip that is going to help keep your leather jewelry looking great lies in how you store it. Some people like to keep leather jewelry in a dust bag to keep it safe and clean when you are not wearing it. However, remember this should be a cloth bag and not a plastic one. It is also important not to store your leather jewelry with other jewelry items, especially metal ones, as this can cause damage to the leather. While you do want to develop a beautiful patina, you certainly do not want metal bracelets and other items scratching it!

Be Careful Choosing When to Wear Leather Jewelry

A word of caution – exposure to water, including rain is not good for your leather jewelry. That means you need to think about when and where you choose to wear leather jewelry. If you need to go outside and the weather is unusually wet, then it is not a good idea to wear your leather jewelry pieces. Similarly, it is essential that you remove leather jewelry before getting in the shower or going swimming. As an extra precaution, apply makeup and perfume before you put on your jewelry.

Invest in Leather Protector Spray

You may want to purchase a leather protector spray to treat your leather jewelry. This will help stop the leather from drying out too much which could result in cracking and staining.

Cleaning Your Leather Fashion Jewelry

If your leather jewelry gets dirty, you can use a soft damp cloth to remove dirt. It is not a good idea to use cleaning products which contain oils, as there will trap dirt and moisture which can result in staining of the leather. If your jewelry gets particularly dirty, especially because of contact with cosmetics, it is a good idea to have it professionally cleaned.

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