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Statement Earrings for the Selfie Generation!

There is one trend that seems to be everywhere right now, from the high fashion catwalks to costume jewelry boutiques in your town and that’s statement earrings! More and more we are seeing stylish fashionistas wearing oversized earrings and mismatched colors to draw attention to their face – what else can we expect from a generation of selfie lovers?

There can be little doubt that the selfie is king at the moment! It is impossible to visit any social media platform without stumbling across several of these snapshots. As the selfie becomes more prevalent, the fashion conscious are paying more and more attention to making themselves look chic and stylish in their shots. So, how does one dress to take a selfie that is going to focus on only the head and shoulders? The answer is simple – it’s all about the hair and the statement earrings!

Statement Earrings Are Everywhere

The last time statement earrings were such a big deal was back in the eighties when they were the preserve of costume jewelry. Those old enough to remember eighties fashion will remember garish geometric earrings in cheap metals and plastics. However, today’s statement earrings couldn’t be further from their eighties forerunners. In fact, it isn’t just costume jewelry brands who are getting in on this trend for big, bold earrings. Most of the more traditional fine jewelers and high fashion accessories houses are also putting their twist on oversized earrings.

Bigger is Better

Instead of the colorful, almost garish statement earrings of the eighties, the statement earrings being favored today are often gold or silver and feature a selection of stones and gems. Many designers are experimenting with mismatched colors and materials for an even more striking look. The one thing that is a common theme across the board is that earrings should be bigger, brighter and flashier than ever before! The runways have seen shoulder grazing chainmail designs and substantial sculptural pieces studded with diamond and pearl.

Fine Jewelry Turns to Fashion

One of the exciting elements of this resurgence of statement earrings is that fine jewelry seems to be turning towards fashion and costume jewelry for inspiration. In the past, it was always evident that there were differences between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. More and more that seems not to be the case. The same jewelry trends are being explored at all levels narrowing the gap between fine jewelers and costume jewelry boutiques.

Why Are Statement Earrings Back?

As noted, for the selfie generation there are limited ways to express your style in a headshot. Earrings are a great way to do so. They are popular because they are a temporary way to change your look dramatically. Whereas hair colors or tattoos can be a little drastic, swapping out your earrings for something big and bold and experimenting with makeup looks is a temporary way to create a new look!

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