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That’s a Wrap! Make a Fashion Statement with Wrap Bracelets

Here at Blue Dress® Boutique, one of our biggest sellers has always been our gorgeous leather wrap companion bracelet. So much so, that we now offer it in a range of colors – the original black leather and now brown leather and deep navy-blue leather. Now you really can match your companion bracelet to any outfit!  We have also introduced several other companion bracelet designs with the wrap style since it seems to be so popular with our customers!

With that in mind, we want to dig a little deeper into our number one companion bracelet and talk about why it is so great and how best to care for it!

Styling Your Wrap Style Companion Bracelets

One of the main reasons why our wrap bracelet is so popular is the versatile style. It is one of our companion items that truly can be worn with anything. Dress it up or dress it down depending on your plans for the day. We think the leather strap wrap bracelet looks stunning with blue jeans, especially the brown leather version. However, you could just as easily snap on a rhinestone snap button and wear it with a dress for an edgier evening look. The possibilities are endless. How will you wear yours?

Caring for Your Wrap Bracelet

If you love your new wrap style companion bracelet as much as we do, then you are going to want to hold onto it for years to come. With the interchangeable aspects of our jewelry, the companion items will never go out of style, update it with new snap button jewels® whenever you need to refresh your look. However, that means you have to take a little extra care of your companion bracelet to keep it in top condition. That’s why we’ve put together these care tips to help you out:

  1. Keep Out of the Water – Think about it – you wouldn’t dream of wearing your favorite leather boots in the shower, would you so why your leather bracelet? Always be sure to take off your companion bracelet in the shower, bathtub or when you go swimming. This will stop water from degrading the leather straps.
  2. No Need for Polish – You might be tempted to polish the metal components of your companion bracelet, but this is not necessary. You should avoid using jewelry cleaners as well. Most of our wrap bracelets contain plated metals and applying polish or cleaner with wear away the surface. Since they are not sterling silver, the metal parts are not going to turn black or tarnish over time. Instead, they will patina with age giving them a cool look. This is a natural reaction to skin and the air and is nothing to worry about!
  3. Give it a Break – Another way to lengthen the lifespan of our leather wrap style bracelets is to give them a little break from time to time. You may love it and want to wear it every day, but it is best to give it a few days rest time every so often to let it breathe. Plus, it is the perfect excuse to pick up another companion bracelet or two for mixing it up! We have a huge selection to choose from!

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